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Why viaPrize?

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Easy global transactions without needing a bank account or credit card

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With viaPrize either the campaign delivers or you receive a refund

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Consistent process for anyone around the world with smart contract security

viaPrize's Core Functions


Create, Fund, and Win prizes


Create pass-through campaigns or all-or-nothing campaigns

Our Story

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Beginning of something new

During a pop-up village called Zuzalu, we witnessed firsthand how the right economic mechanisms may gather a community to build public goods. Inspired by conversations with Vitalik Buterin and others, Noah Chon Lee launched a crowdfunded prize to build an AI voice for a river and various people at Zuzalu tossed in $20 each.

Reason 1

The first prize

With only this incentive, an impromptu hackathon emerged with 12 contributors and in five days the first AI voice for a nature entity in history was built and presented to the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

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The Impact

Crowdfunded prizes clearly incentivized collective action, but Noah needed to know if this could make a radical difference in peoples’ lives. Next, he watched a kamikaze drone diving towards him get shot down while driving into the frontline of Ukraine to complete a crowdfunded prize for delivering medical supplies. The volunteer medics received the supplies they were missing and because of this they were able to treat 45 injured and said this undoubtedly saved at least one life.

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The Impact Continues

Half a year later thanks to contributions of over 500 people on Gitcoin donating to viaPrize, over 30 developers adding to our open source code, and our core team of developers Dipanshu, Nithin, Swaraj, and Aryan we now have this fully open source platform for anyone to use.